As “Sandhas Duhta” Comment Goes Viral, Congress High Command Furious over PratapSingh Rane’s Statements on Goans Living Abroad

pratap-singh-rane-rahul-gandhi has learnt that the Congress High Command in Delhi is furious over senior Goa Congress leader and former CM Pratapsingh Rane‘s remarks about Goans working in London and washing toilets or doing dishes for a living.

Rane’s ‘sandas duhta’ (washing lavatories) and ‘toilet cleaners’ phrase has particularly not gone down well with party President Rahul Gandhi, who has however left it to the State in-charge to handle the situation.

Rahul Gandhi was very angry when told about the volatile situation in Goa and the anger of the Goan people against the Congress, which has become very visible on social media. He immediately instructed that corrective action be taken in the matter and Rane should clarify his comments. He has even asked Rane to apologize to the people of Goa and particularly Goans working abroad.

While Rahul Gandhi who is very active on Twitter has not commented about the subject, has learnt that Sr Rane has been asked to show cause. The Congress high command has also demanded that Rane apologize to the people of Goa if need be and sort out the situation on a war footing.

A harried Rane got on the phone to do damage control, explaining that the ‘jibe’ was not meant to offend Goans, but to chastise and explain to the youngsters that it is better to work in your own State, rather than wash toilets in another country. My comments have been reported out of context by political rivals, Rane is reported to have said.

Rane is understood to have said: “It was part of an entire sentence and must not be viewed in isolation. As a senior congressman, I wanted to explain to the youth that their choice of career is wrong. I was not degrading any kind of job or career nor did I intend to insult any individual,” Rane is supposed to have explained to his bosses. has not been able to exactly confirm what Rane spoke to his bosses in Delhi on the phone, but the explanation was not enough for the High Command who has asked Rane to mend his ways and even apologize to the people.

Meanwhile, the Congress Party in Goa distanced itself from Mr Pratapsing Rane’s reference to Goans working in the UK.

According to a press release uploaded by GPCC chief Girish Chodankar on his Facebook timeline:

To speak disrespectfully about any profession or person is fundamentally against the philosophy and the idea of Congress and therefore the statement was unnecessary and incorrect. The Congress Party leaves it to Mr Rane’s wisdom either to withdraw his statement or explain it to the satisfaction of the Goan diaspora. He is wise & experienced enough to react appropriately his intentions.

Goa has a long history of migration. Goans have enriched every country to which they migrated. Many of them have and continue to hold high posts in Civil, Corporate, Government including Military and Education and Research establishments in many Countries. Some have adorned echolens of Democratic, Social, Medical and Banking and Scientific establishments. Some have become Senators and Legislators. They have enriched the Countries they work in. They have enriched our Country as well through valuable foreign exchange remittances. Today’s Goa is a gift of present and past Goans who have and continue to slog here and abroad. We do not belittle their sacrifices nor their sweat and blood.

We believe in dignity of labor and consider work as worship. No work is shameful or that can be humiliating. GPCC appeals Goans to work unitedly to fight the devil of unemployment and loss of livelihood let lose by the BJP led Government. Mining ban, Promotion of casinos, drugs, Formalin and a host of other vices are driving Goans towards frustration, GPCC President said in his statement.

Our lands are being sold to land sharks and real estate moguls. No scheme of employment generation is in the offing. This is leading to migration. Let’s fight this multiheaded hydra ruling us in the name of BJP and their allies.

The very reason for the existence of the Congress Party is to tirelessly struggle to bring equal dignity and opportunity to every human being.

Every Goan irrespective whether living in Goa or abroad has every Right & freedom either to support or oppose mining and congress party respects the same. I sincerely apologies for the hurt we caused to our dear Goans.

4 thoughts on “As “Sandhas Duhta” Comment Goes Viral, Congress High Command Furious over PratapSingh Rane’s Statements on Goans Living Abroad”

  1. Mr..Pratapsingh Rane the ex CM of Goa…..not sure how many term.As a CM you should be ashamed of yourself for making such a humiliating, atrocious comment that to in the house about goans,…You have forgotten how you came to power.You are frustrated for the betrayal of your own sons switching parties for personal gains. and for all the cases the people in your consistency are facing .Its high time you tender an apology before any furore in Goa.

  2. This Sr. Rane need to understand, what he specks in the assembly was truly with great understanding n sence whatever he spoke. If u notice, when he speak he speak word by word . He chooses words right, he knows what he is speaking. He is the most senior person in the assembly n not a afirstimer. So how could he say it is blown out of contest. Mr. Rane we know u are a political leader , n used to talk all
    Sorts. Gone are the days, U have fooled your villages who used to vote for u, n the people of Goa. U have done nothing for goa.that one reason why we goan have to go abroad to earn are living. For personal gain U have changed party , mpg to congress, likewise now your son did the same. U family have let us down n today u call us name, shame shame …… even congress men seen banging the des. This shows how arrogant u all are, leave the bjp. Instead of taking back your word, n saying sorry, U are giving excuse . Shameless….. people of Goa, wake up , enough is enough we have seen enough of this. Need to change all this, for a better tomorrow, n for our children future. Come next election we need to show them the door.disgusting statement to our ever loveing Goan. God bless us all. AMEN.

  3. Rane going to retired very soon before that he is helping his. son in BJP votbank by making statement against Congress.

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