Bigg Boss 12: Jasleen was pregnant, had an abortion last year, claims Aneesha Singh Sharma


In a very shocking revelation, controversial model and singer who claims she was in an alleged affair with Bhajan King and Bigg Boss 12 participant Anup Jalota has claimed that his partner and girl friend Jasleen Matharu was allegedly pregnant last year and even had an abortion.

In an exclusive interview to, Aneesha revealed that she was witness to a big fight between the two lovers sometime last year, where the issue of Jasleen’s alleged pregnancy was being discussed.

“They were yelling at each other. I have never seen them so mad at each other before. Jasleen claimed the pregnancy was due to Jalota’s carelessness, which was hotly refuted by the Bhajan King. I do not know what happened thereafter. He (Jalota) told me to leave as he was in a very bad mood and would meet me after 2-3 days. I later on learnt that she had an abortion,” Aneesha revealed to

Speaking to, Aneesha said, “Days later, Jalota told me he felt that Jasleen was cheating on him and that she had a secret boyfriend in the UK, a charge which Jasleen always denied. I was his punching bag. He used to share all his insecurities regarding his relationship with Jasleen and kept asking me what to do.” Jalota was always insecure and worried about her fidelity and loyalty to him, Aneesha told, on phone from the USA.

Meanwhile, Aneesha has alleged Jalota threatened to kill her if she went to the cops about their relationship. She has submitted a written complaint through her lawyer to the cops. The police are investigating the matter and have sent letters to Jalota’s residence and even to the Bigg Boss house, asking the Bhajan maestro to join the investigation and appear before the investigating officer in person to record his statement (Read Here).

The aspiring singer and model has had a controversial past. She was in the news months ago, when her intimate images were leaked by a fake casting director who allegedly claimed to be a film director and producer (Read Here). She was the talk of the town on social media when her n*de images went viral on Facebook (See pics here).

She has also claimed that the Bhajan guru and his student had discussed about revealing the status of their relationship on the first day of the show. According to her interview with, Jasleen was not in favor of spilling the beans on the first day. She wanted to show the world that the two found love on the show, after being locked up in the Bigg Boss house for weeks together. But the makers of the show had other plans. Read the full story here.

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