BJP IT cell has over 300 members, 20K Facebook pages and 300 fake news portals, claims former member


New Delhi: In a startling revelation, a former BJP IT cell member has claimed that the whole BJP IT cell operates from the BJP head office 24 Ashoka Road, where around 300 people work, who perpetuate the propaganda and add fake content through the fake accounts, which later gets shared through the Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter.

Talking to YouTuber Dhruv Raathi, 27-year-old former IT cell member of BJP, Mahavir, hailing from Rajasthan said he worked in BJP IT Cell from 2012 to 2015, for which he was being paid 30 thousand rupees and facilitated with accommodation, food, travelling expense, internet connection etc.

Further elaborating Mahavir said that BJP spreads the false propaganda through social media to polarize the people, which later converts into the vote bank. He also confessed that he was responsible to spread the false propaganda after which a communal clash happened in Nagor district during 2012.

Mahavir exposed the strategy adopted by BJP IT cell, wherein they create famous fan pages on social media with trending names like ‘I support Indian Army’. A similar account named ‘I support Narendra Modi’  has around 15 million fan following and there are around 20 thousand such pages and over 300 fake news portal operated by the BJP IT cell workers.

According to his claim, the top 150 members of BJP IT cell get an opportunity to meet with the Prime Minister.

On the question regarding his responsibility in the IT Cell, Mahavir said, his main job was to ‘troll’ by adding the controversial terms like ‘Dalit‘, ‘Hindu‘ and ‘Musalman‘ in the content of the news, irrespective of the topic, that would provoke people.

Mahavir said both the Congress and BJP adopt the same policy and own their separate IT cells. “Congress always does the politics of fear; while BJP polarized the people on the basis of religion and caste” he added.


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