Bookie threatens Arbaaz Khan, records video: Arbaaz Khan, Producer Parag Sanghvi, Murad Khaitan and builder Dilip Ludhani could be arrested in IPL betting scam


According to a Hindustan Times report, bookie Sonu Jalan aka Sonu Malad, an SSC failed student, used to sell automobile spare parts. While doing so, he started betting almost 16 years ago. Some former police officers he knew helped him with a few bookies’ numbers and he started working with them. He also used to bet in countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Dubai and Sri Lanka.

He came in contact with big bookies connected with the underworld and later Bollywood celebrities interested in betting.

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“That’s how he came in contact with Arbaaz Khan five years ago,” said a Thane AEC officer. As per the police, according to Jalan’s statement, the whole transaction was done over word of mouth.

“Khan and Jalan started betting on IPL matches. Khan’s losses and wins were maintained on a blackboard at Jalan’s home. When Khan came to know that Jalan was bragging by taking his name, he demanded the deal be finished off. It was then that Jalan told Khan that he had to pay Rs 2.83 crore. There is a video of Jalan threatening Khan. Khan told the police he did not remember this incident,” he added.

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Top police sources in the Thane Anti Extortion Cell have confirmed to Special Crime Correspondent that Salman Khan’s brother and ex husband of Malaika Arora, actor Arbaaz Khan will be arrested sooner or later in the Rs 1000 crore IPL betting scam.

“We have to arrest him. It is an international crime syndicate controlled by wanted terrorist and underworld don Dawood Ibrahim and his henchmen from Dubai and Pakistan. Arbaaz Khan is not new to the industry. He is not a kid. As a producer and as the brother of Salman Khan, he has traveled all over the world and knows very well how these things work and operate. He is fully aware that the betting racket on such a large scale is controlled by the underworld. He was not betting for a few thousand. His deals ran into crores. So Arbaaz Khan is part of the underworld, organised crime syndicate and we will have to arrest him. We are only waiting to record everyone’s statements. After that there may be 2-3 sensational arrests,” our police source told

Besides Arbaaz Khan, producer Parag Sanghvi,  producer Murad Khaitan and builder Dilip Ludhani could be arrested by the Thane AEC in the IPL betting scam. Jalan also told the interrogators that Bollywood producer Parag Sanghvi, who is the CEO of a film production-distribution company Alumbra Entertainment and Lotus Film Company,based in Mumbai, was his “partner” in the betting racket, the official said.

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According to a report in Zee News, Sonu Jalan had roped in two bar dancers, reportedly called Komal and Gayatri, as partners in the IPL betting syndicate. Police sources claim at least 20 bar girls in Mumbai were working with Jalan to rope in clients. The bar girls would ‘compromise’ with big clients having deep pockets and then recommend Jalan’s name to the clients after tempting them with quick money.

Arbaaz Khan used to be apprehensive about meeting Sonu alone since the latter had a habit of recording and filming every single conversation. Sources told Zee News, Arbaaz found out about this behaviour only two years after meeting the racketeer.

Sonu used to approach clients through high-profile individuals and their contacts. He had over 1200 clients, and he was among 100 others who were all handled by a superior. Police believe that superior’s nickname was Junior Kolkata and he has already left the country.

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