Congress leader alleges former PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee passed away on 14 Aug, was kept on life-support to ensure Modi’s I-Day address not cancelled?


In a shocking revelation, which cannot be confirmed independently, a senior Goa Congress leader has alleged that former PM and senior BJP leader Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee had breathed his last on 14th August late evening or during the intervening night of 14-15 August itself, but his demise was kept a top secret and he was put on life-support on the instructions of the PMO to ensure that 15th August – Independence Day was not declared a day of mourning, resulting in the cancellation of all events and I-Day programs across the country, including the PM’s Red Fort speech.

This was also done keeping in mind national security and law and order issues, the Congress leader told

The Goa Congress leader later clarified to that he was not able to verify this information, and it was based on messages floating on social media.

He however did state that some senior Goa BJP Ministers were aware of the demise of the former PM on 15th morning itself, and a pall of gloom had descended on their faces during the I-Day functions, across the State. has not been able to independently confirm or verify any of these allegations and does not subscribe or endorse them. This post is published, merely based on messages which have appeared on social media over the last 3 days and some conflicting press reports, which were edited and republished later on.

We tried to ask several prominent citizens and political leaders across the country to clarify the gossip on social media, but they all stated that besides the Prime Minister, the PMO and a handful of top AIIMS doctors, nobody would be in the know, even if it did happen and the rumours were true.

“If a decision was taken by the Prime Minister himself, in the interest of national security and law and order in the country, besides the PM and a couple of doctors including the AIIMS director, nobody could tell if it’s true or false,” said a former Union Minister and Supreme Court advocate, speaking to

However, it must be pointed out that similar rumors have been doing the rounds on social media platforms, since the evening of 15th August, with BJP workers expecting the worst. contacted several BJP leaders and politicians from different parts of the country, who re-directed us to the PMO saying they were not authorised to comment or give inputs on matters relating to the Prime Minister or the PMO.

PMO officials were not available for comment on 15th August.

Even an article in The Statesman – which was edited and corrected later on, mentioned and reported the premature news.

While the official announcement was made by AIIMS only after 5.15 pm on 16th August, The Statesman reported that ‘rumours started floating around 2.30 pm that the BJP leader was no more, after Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited the hospital, but the AIIMS authorities are yet to release any statement.’

Social media gossip allegedly claims that Vajpayee passed away late evening or during the night of 14-15th August, but to ensure that there was no disruption in the I-day events, the hospital authorities did not release the news on the instructions of the PMO.

The former PM was kept on life-support, also with the hopes of reviving him, but the doctors were not successful and after PM Modi visited the hospital on 16th August around noon, the decision was taken to pull off the life-support and withdraw the machines, announcing the demise.

According to media reports, PM Modi visited AIIMS on two occassions on 16th August, further fueling rumors of the former PM’s demise.

An AIIMS statement late on 14th August evening said:  “Unfortunately, Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s condition has worsened over the last 24 hours. His condition is critical and he is on life support system,” AIIMS said in the last statement issued late on Wednesday.

Social media users took this as a hint, gossiping that Shri Vajpayee had passed away and several posts started doing the rounds on Facebook, alleging that the former PM was no more.

Vajpayee had only one functional kidney. In 2009, he had suffered a stroke, which weakened his cognitive abilities. Subsequently, he developed dementia, says The Statesman report.

Justifying the delayed decision a member on Quora – a social media platform writes:

All decorations at the BJP office that were made on the eve of Independence Day were taken down this morning (16th August morning). Death of Bala Saheb (Bal Thackeray) was also declared many hours later because everyone was afraid of crowds and public outrage that could’ve taken place.

Firstly, national security is taken into attention (sic) during these situations. Secondly, traffic situations are considered and only then any declaration takes place, the user writes.

Several such posts have appeared on social media, giving credence or trying to justify the conspiracy theory and rumours that our beloved former PM Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee may have passed away much earlier than it was actually declared by the Government of India. 

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  1. This is a very serious lapse how can the hospital on the advice of the PMO did not announce the death on 14th evening itself there should be a SIT investigation of all the Aims team who were responsible for the treatment of late atal ji under the supervision of the SC what the hell would have happened if the death was declared on 14th Aug evening I would also urge late vajpayee families to knock the doors of the SC for the thorough investigation as to when the death of late atal ji took place

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