Cow Slaughter Bigger Crime than Rape or Terrorism, Beef Eaters deserve to be Hanged or Lynched: BJP MLA Gyan Dev Ahuja


A Bharatiya Janata Party MLA from Rajasthan Gyan Dev Ahuja while speaking to some local media persons, reiterated his earlier statements made in July this year claiming that slaughtering cows is a bigger crime than terrorism, as cows are treated and respected as “mothers” in India.

Not just that, he went steps ahead this time, claiming that cow slaughter must be treated more seriously than even rape and gang rape or cross-border terrorist acts.

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Ahuja tried to defend those involved in lynching incidents claiming that they (lynching) are crimes of passion and happen on the spur of the moment in a sudden spurt of anger as a devout Hindu cannot tolerate his “mother” being murdered and that too for human consumption as beef.

“We must not blame them (those involved in lynching). Instead those who indulge in illegal trade and sale of cows for slaughter must be blamed and punished,” Ahuja is understood to have told media persons on Wednesday.

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Repeating his statements about five times during the course of the interaction, Ahuja said:

“Those who kill cows for meat must be hanged and those who involve or get involved in lynching cannot be blamed as cow slaughter is the most heinous crime of all, more evil and unforgivable than rape and gang rape, or terrorist acts.” 

Gyan Dev Ahuja, who represents Ramgarh in Alwar district, had earlier claimed terrorists kill “two to five people”, but slaughtering cows hurts the sentiments of thousands of people and hence cow slaughter is a much bigger crime than terrorism.

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Speaking to media persons today, he went one steps further and added fuel to his earlier utterances, stating that cow slaughter is a bigger crime than terrorism or rape, as both these crimes though very heinous, affect only a few people, while cow slaughter is a crime against the entire nation.

“I will consider rape and terrorist activity as a lesser evil than killing a cow for food,” Ahuja is reported to have said.

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As reported by PTI earlier, Ahuja had claimed “misbehaviour with the mother” will not be tolerated in India and therefore it is a bigger crime than terrorism.

“We treat cows like our mother,” he had said in July, according to a Hindustan Times report. “Cow slaughter should be kept in the category of terrorism and special task force should be made to deal with this issue.”

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Speaking to reporters at the BJP headquarters in Jaipur, the legislator had said cow slaughtering will incite people and hurt their sentiments, which will lead to some incidents.

This is what the BJP MLA had said in July as reported by ANI:


“Court should accept this. How should such incidents be stopped?” he said, trying to justify the incidents of lynching and particularly the Alwar incident.

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Ahuja said India is a country, which respects mother and “Geeta, Dharti (land), cow, Ganga, Tulsi and a birth giver” are treated as mother in the country.

Who is Gyan Dev Ahuja?

According to the Indian Express, Ahuja is an MLA from Ramgarh, that lies in Alwar district. Ahuja enjoyed a sudden rush of national fame in 2016 at the height of the controversy over anti-national slogans being shouted in Delhi’s Jawaharlal Nehru University when he claimed that thousands of condoms and liquor bottles were found on the campus daily.

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“There is a controversy over what I said but I stand by my statement. I personally practice a satvik diet and satvik way of life,” Ahuja said at the time.

Ahuja was first elected to the Rajasthan Assembly on a BJP ticket in 1998, then lost in 2003, then was re-elected in 2008 and 2013. Ahuja had also said in the past that he funded cow vigilantes to operate in his area.

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Ahuja who has studied till class 12, says he’s a journalist on his official profile. Ahuja was managing editor of a now-defunct weekly called Mat Sammat.

The BJP MLA had defended the killing of Pehlu Khan, a farmer who died after being beaten by cow vigilantes in Alwar in April 2017.

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In December 2017, a man smuggling bovines was caught and assaulted in Alwar, and Ahuja reiterated that people caught smuggling cows could be killed.

Mera toh seedha seedha kehna hai ki gautaskari aur gaukashi karoge to yu hi maroge (I will only say that if you smuggle and slaughter cows, then you will be killed),” he had said, claims an Indian Express report.

Ahuja had accused the police of conspiring against the lynchers and insisted that two of the three men arrested by the Alwar police for lynching Rakbar Khan are “innocent and should be released immediately,” the Hindustan Times had reported.

with inputs from Hindustan Times, Indian Express & PTI

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