Gehana Vasisth might be the first contestant confirmed for Bigg Boss 12


Bigg Boss season 11 was quite interesting and with an interesting set of contestants, the controversies around them were also quite interesting. Everyone is eagerly waiting for season 12 of the controversial reality show to return soon.

And though during Season 11, the fights set in from Day 1, there were a lot of interesting revelations made by Gehana Vasisth. From claiming Arshi Khan to be married to a 50-year-old man to alleging that Bandgi Kalra was a divorce, from revealing that Shilpa Shinde and Vikas Gupta were ex-lovers to calling Priyank Sharma a male escort, Gehana doled out some interesting scoops and ripped apart the Bigg Boss 11 contestants time and again.

And while she was such an interesting character, she was touted to enter the house as a wild card contestant. Though she did not enter the house this season, it is being said that the makers are saving the south actress for the next season.

While Gehana had claimed that the makers did not have a big budget for the show and that is why the quality of housemates was such, turns out the low budget was one reason why Gehana did not enter the house. Revealing the truth behind Gehana Vasisth not entering the house, Bhojpuri actress Mahima Singh Puri had claimed that, “Gehana Vasisth who is doing very well in the South had demanded Rs 1 crore to stay in the madhouse and take on Arshi Khan. But the makers did not have such a budget this season, so they are holding back Gehana Vasisth and saving her as the star attraction for season 12.”

Though Gehana has not commented on the matter or confirmed the same, her manager, Suresh Shetty said there were some financial issues due to which the deal could not be worked out. But if Gehana would have entered the house, watching her and Arshi Khan under one roof would have been a visual treat.

Now let us see if the south actress makes it to the Bigg Boss Season 12 or are the rumours just a false alarm.

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