GPCC Welcomes Statement of MGP President Deepak Dhavilkar: Says Defecting MLAs Must Bear Costs of By-Polls


Subhash Phaldesai, PCC member and ex-district President of Goa PCC while speaking to media persons on Thursday said:

“Goa Congress welcomes the statement of MGP President Deepak Dhavilikar who called for a ban of six years on elected MLAs from changing their party for no proper or adequate reason.”

“All the expenses of the elections should be recovered from the people who changed their party and they must be asked to bear all the costs of the by-election process. This will serve as deterrence to party hoppers like Dayanand Sopte and Subhash Shirodkar who change parties solely for their own personal monetary benefit or reasons.”

Secondly, Phaldesai welcomed the suggestion to approach the courts for the same reason above.

MGP being the alliance partner of the present government should do a positive thing and ensure that such changes are brought about in the system.

Goa Pradesh Congress Committee requests the FDA officials to check the vegetables that are supplied by the horticulture department in various parts of Goa, regarding the content of pesticides present in the vegetables and fruits. Proper and strict action should be taken by the FDA if the amount is in excess of the approved values.

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