#MeToo: Singer-Model Razia Nair Rao accuses Bigg Boss 12 contestant Sahil Patel AKA Saurabh Patel of molesting her, demanding sexual favors


Classical singer and aspiring model Razia Nair Rao has claimed that Bigg Boss 12 contestant Sahil Patel aka Saurabh Patel allegedly molested her at Bungalow No 41, located at Four Bungalows, MAHADA area of Andheri West, near Lokhandwala in the year 2016 at a party.

He was a known casting director in the area at that time and was casting for Rashmi Sharma Telefims and shows like CID, Crime Patrol etc.

There was a party at the office of Starline Productions located at Bungalow No 41 at Mahada, Four Bungalows and I went there with a friend who is also a model. It was the first week of November 2016, just after Diwali and many other models were also present.

Speaking to IndiaScoops.com Razia Nair Rao said: This was when Sahil Patel molested me. He touched me on my butt and on my breasts a couple of times while pretending to dance with me. He even tried to forcibly kiss me and squeezed my breasts violently when I stopped him from kissing me. I pushed him away and the organizers of the party told me to just let the matter go as it would spoil the entire party.”

“In fact, there was a big fight on that day at Bungalow No 41, when another aspiring actress and model by the name of Pearl Raah who was also present at the party, clashed with another casting director. There were 3-4 casting directors and they were all drunk. A passing police patrol van also stopped by, but the party organizers managed to ‘handle’ the cops. Sahil Patel introduced me to someone whom he claimed was a producer and told me that I would have to sleep with him, if I wanted to get into his camp or bag his projects, Razia Nair Rao told IndiaScoops.com in an exclusive interview, adding that she stomped out of the party in disgust.

When asked IndiaScoops.com by as to why she kept quiet all this while for two years, Razia Nair Rao said: I do not want any publicity nor am I making these statements for any media mileage. I have kept quiet about this incident, because I presumed that he was possibly drunk on that day. However, when I saw him in Bigg Boss, Season 12 and learnt that he has lied about his name and occupation, I decided to talk to the media and expose him. The #MeToo campaign has further given me courage to speak up, Razia Nair Rao told IndiaScoops.com.

IndiaScoops.com has learnt that Sahil Patel changed his name to Saurabh Patel and was a struggling casting director for the last four years, operating out of a 4×4 cubicle in MAHADA which served as his casting agency office.

In the year 2016, he teamed up with another outfit, Starline Films and Productions run by a fashion photographer and was operating and conducting auditions at Bungalow No 41 at Four Bungalows, MAHDA along with the fashion photographer and others.

Sahil Patel had several debts and somehow managed to find some friends in the casting agencies associated with Colors and Endemol who were casting for Bigg Boss 12.

According to a sting operation conducted by IndiaScoops.com, for this season, Endemol had outsourced the casting to several free-lance casting consultants and was paying them Rs 5000 for every candidate short-listed.

IndiaScoops.com has copies and print screen images of emails sent by Endemol officials to various casting directors from Adarsh Nagar and MAHADA near Lokhandwala as well as agents in Delhi who did the casting for the channel on a free-lance basis.

Speaking exclusively to IndiaScoops.com, the fashion photographer said: Sahil met me in Goa before the show and told me that he was entering as a farmer. He told me how he managed to con the makers and pose as a commoner along with his partner who was also a struggling actor.

The duo have allegedly spent Rs 2-3 lakh on the setup and “fraud” to convince the production house to take them on, the photographer revealed to IndiaScoops.com, adding that they paid someone Rs 2 lakh so that Sahil could enter the show.

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