Mumbai girl Aneesha Singh Sharma conned by rogue film maker, accused of leaking intimate images of over 20 wannabe models 


Model and actress Aneesha Singh Sharma found herself in an uneasy and embarrassing situation when her private images appeared on social media last week and a website later on published her bikini photos.

The photos were first published on an adult page on Facebook and later on were picked up by a South-Indian glamour website. They have now gone viral on social media and Whats App, forcing the Mumbai model to run for cover.

Her manager said that the images were leaked by a rogue director Rameshnath Venkat Rao from Sri Lanka who has been blackmailing Aneesha for the last one month. He demanded sexual favors for a role in an international web series, Aneesha’s manager told media persons in Mumbai.

All the leaked bikini images of Aneesha Singh Sharma can be viewed here. In the images the face of the model has been blacked out by to protect her identity and prevent viewers from directly identifying the victim. does not assume any responsibility for the images, which have been sourced from social media and other websites.

However, the model’s manager confirmed to that the leaked images were indeed hers and that she is taking legal action against the rogue director, who has duped and blackmailed nearly 20 other women.

Since the last two weeks after her images were published with her name on Facebook, Aneesha who is also known as Red Lips, among her friends because of her crazy fetish for red lipstick, was forced to remove her photographs from her social media pages, as hundreds of crank users began spamming her.

She was also forced to “hide” her FB and Twitter accounts as she began getting hundreds of crank and vulgar messages.

Aneesha Singh Sharma is the third model to be cheated by the same rogue film director, who has approached the police, earlier models Avantika Gaokar and Marathi actress Smita S Jadhav were similarly blackmailed by the same director who fled to Sri Lanka after the courts in Chennai issued arrest warrants against him. Rao has a big set up in Chennai and operates a local cable news channel, it is learnt.

It is learnt that Rao has cheated over 20 models from Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad and Chennai and runs a porn site where he uploads images clandestinely obtained from unsuspecting, struggling models.

He is also allegedly in the flesh trade business and pushes hapless models eager to make a fast buck into prostitution, after getting them to send him nude images.

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