Nirav Modi contributed over Rs 250 crore to BJP, funded BJP poll Advertisements and Social Media campaign


Wanted scammer Nirav Modi contributed over Rs 250 crore to the BJP party fund and funded BJP poll advertisements and online paid social media campaigns, particularly on Facebook and Twitter a Mumbai-based political outfit has alleged.

It may be recalled that the BJP had spent nearly Rs 200 crore on paid social media campaigns alone in the past.

The Shiv Sena attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the Rs 11,300-crore Punjab National Bank (PNB) scam. The Sena in an editorial in party mouthpiece Saamana alleged that Nirav Modi, who is at the centre of the scandal, had been a ‘partner’ of the BJP and helped it collect funds for elections.

Sena leaders claimed that Nirav Modi was in direct contact with Amit Shah and Narendra Modi over the last 3-4 years and both Shah and Modi were in the know of things going on at Nirav Modi’s firms, but ignored the wrongdoings as Nirav Modi was the party’s main fund raiser among the diamond trading community.

Senior Sena leaders who spoke to in Mumbai claimed that Nirav Modi directly and indirectly contributed Rs 250 crore to the BJP coffers over the last 4 years, since January 2014 and helped fund the BJP poll campaign blitz in 2014 that saw the party come to a landslide victory. Sena leaders were openly critical of the Prime Minister and his handling of the economy, stating that the big con men have got away easily, but the poor are burdened with taxes and levies.

Sena leaders took pains to point out that Nirav Modi along with about 5-6 other businessmen were instrumental in bankrolling the BJP party since 2014, since the party projected Narendra Modi as the PM candidate and launched a multi-crore media campaign. Modi was the one who struck the deal with these 5-6 businessmen and top industrialists including Adani, Ambani and others to fund the BJP campaign, promising them massive sops if he became the PM, claimed Sena leaders in Mumbai.

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