NRI US Billionaire Bizman offers USD 1 Mn to Garland Amit Shah with Chappals?


According to some Facebook posts circulating since the last 24 hours, an Indian-born NRI US billionaire businessman has offered USD 1 Mn to the person who succeeds in garlanding BJP National President with a garland of chappals. It seems the business magnate was totally pissed off with the horse-trading going on in Karnataka, post the election results were declared on the 15th of this month.

From the FB posts, which could be circulated either by his supporters or by troublemakers, it seems the businessman originally hails from Karnataka and was pained with the political happenings in his home state.

The news has been doing the rounds on Facebook since the last 24 hours, particularly in Indian communities in the US. The name of the businessman is only mentioned as Ramesh Kumar Rao, but no photograph or further details are available. has not been able to verify this news and does not claim it to be authentic.

It could be a hoax or prank news or the posts could be put up by troublemakers. Or was the bizman drunk or did he loose his mojo after making a wild dare? We will possibly never know.

We have tried to identify the businessman, but at the time of writing this article, were not able to find anyone by that name who matches the description in the posts. Most of the posts too have got auto-reported or manually reported by Facebook users and have been blocked or deleted. No photograph of the bizman was provided in the FB posts.

The news was trending on Thursday night (IST) in FB groups of the South Indian community living in the US. It was also widely shared on WhatsApp and other messaging platforms. However, by Friday morning the posts could not be spotted on Facebook, possibly because they got auto-reported as spam.

Meanwhile, according to a report in The Hindu, BJP president Amit Shah on Thursday congratulated newly sworn-in Karnataka Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa, while accusing the Congress of propagating “corrupt and divisive politics.”

Shah took to Twitter to remind the Congress, in a sarcastic vein, of its “glorious history.”

“President of the Congress (Rahul Gandhi) obviously does not remember the glorious history of his party. The legacy of Mr. Rahul Gandhi’s party is the horrific Emergency, blatant misuse of Article 356, subverting the courts, media and civil society,” he said in a series of tweets.

“Who has the people’s mandate in Karnataka? The BJP, which has won 104 seats, or the Congress which dropped to 78 seats, whose own chief minister and ministers lost by big margins. The JD(S) who won only 37 seats and lost their deposits in several others,” he said.

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