Pandurang Madkaikar could have consumed some ‘drug’ or ‘medication’ that triggered the deadly stroke in his hotel room: Doctors


PANJIM: Power Minister Pandurang Madkaikar, who is undergoing treatment at Kokilaben Hospital in Mumbai since June 5, is responding well to the treatment and is now off the ventilator, Health Minister Vishwajit Rane had told media persons last Saturday.

According to a Herald report, Madkaikar suffered a massive brain stroke when he was in Mumbai for a medical checkup earlier this month. He was operated to remove blood clots from his brain and since then was in ICU on a ventilator as he could not breathe on his own. He was being fed via tubes, but is slowly recovering say doctors.

Doctors at the hospital claim that Madkaikar could have possibly consumed some ‘medication’ or ‘drugs’ in his hotel room that could have triggered the massive stroke. He was fit and healthy and used to spend two hours daily in the gym. It is very possible that he consumed something either the same day or a day before that caused the blood clots and triggered the massive brain stroke, opine neurosurgeons in Mumbai. Maybe he was taking some health or protein supplements,  or energy drinks or such similar ‘medication’ – that fitness freaks are known to indulge in –  and which may be ‘expired’ or maybe beyond the usability date, which caused the sudden brain stroke. Alternatively, a combination of medication could have had the deadly effect.

Madkaikar had met some people in Mumbai. He had visitors in his hotel room. Possibly they consumed alcohol and it could have reacted with other medication that he was taking, said another doctor.

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Rane, who visited Madkaikar said the Minister is responding well to the treatment and six months from now, doctors will mobilise him for walking, reports Herald.

“Power Minister is recognizing everyone now. He communicates with people by writing on a piece of paper. He is out of ICU and ventilator,” Rane told reporters.

Madkaikar is not able to converse with people. He is being fed via tubes and it is possible that one side of his body may be permanently paralyzed.

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