Stop Eating Beef or Get Killed, Lynchings To Continue if Muslims, Christians Don’t Stop Eating Beef, Minister Giriraj Singh Endorses Views of RSS Indresh Kumar

July 25 18: BJP leader and Union minister Giriraj Singh endorsed the views of RSS leader Indresh Kumar on the Alwar lynching. Singh said that Kumar is a “mature” man and said whatever he did “after proper thought”, reports news agency ANI.

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Singh also endorsed Kumar’s suggestion that the only solution to stop lynchings and killing in the name of ‘gau-mata‘ is to completely stop the consumption of beef in the country.

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It is a natural impulsive reaction of a certain section of people who worship ‘gau-mata‘ and it happens on the spur of the moment when they see ‘gau-mata‘ being slaughtered for food.

“These statements are a direct endorsement of  the Government’s support and encouragement to lynchings and public incitement of violent mobs by none less than a Union Minister in the Central Government headed by Narendra Modi. If Modi cannot control his Union Ministers, how will he control an incited, murderous mob,” asked a Congress leader.


There has been no comment till the time of going to press, from the Prime Minister or any senior BJP minister on the statements made by their colleague.

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He also endorsed Kumar’s statements that lynchings will continue in India, unless Muslims, Christians and other sections of people completely stop eating beef and the Government cannot be held responsible for it. As long as beef is consumed and cows are slaughtered, lynchings will continue, Singh said.

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“He (RSS leader Indresh Kumar) is a mature man and must have said something after proper thought,” news agency ANI quoted Minister of State for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Giriraj Singh.

In an apparent reference to the incidents of mob lynching, RSS leader Indresh Kumar said if the practice of eating cow meat was stopped, many crimes of the ‘Satan’ could be curtailed.

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Twenty-nine-year-old Rakbar Khan was lynched in Alwar on July 21 by a mob of cow protectors who accused him of smuggling cows.

RSS leader Indresh Kumar on Monday said crimes like mob lynching could stop if people stopped eating beef. He also claimed that calling Hindus communal is fraught with the risk of labelling all religions in the world as communal.

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“Lynchings will stop if people don’t eat beef. The cows must be protected and cowdung should be used as cement, then both poverty and violence will end… Jesus was born in a cowshed and that is why in Christianity they talk of ‘Holy cow’. In Mecca and Medina killing cow is a crime. Can we not pledge not to kill cows. If we can pledge this our problem of mob lynching will be solved,” said Indresh at the inauguration of Jagran Hindu Manch in Ranchi.

The leader also emphasised on the importance of right “sanskaar” to deal with this problem.

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“Law has to be there and the government must act, but society also needs the right ‘sanskaar’ to deal with this problem,” he said.

The leader did say that violence in any form can never be welcomed.

“Any mob violence, be it of your home, locality, caste or party can never be welcomed. But, you tell me if any religious place in the world approves the killing of cow,” said Indresh.

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Last week, a dairy farmer, Rakbar Khan from Haryana’s Mewat district, was lynched by a group of seven persons in Alwar when he was transporting two cows and their calves.

On July 17, the Supreme Court condemned the recent spate of lynchings as “horrendous acts of mobocracy” and told Parliament to make lynching a separate offence.

with inputs from ANI & CNN News18