NRI US Billionaire Bizman offers USD 1 Mn to Garland Amit Shah with Chappals?

According to some Facebook posts circulating since the last 24 hours, an Indian-born NRI US billionaire businessman has offered USD 1 Mn to the person who succeeds in garlanding BJP National President with a garland of chappals. It seems the business magnate was totally pissed off with the horse-trading going on in Karnataka, post the election results were declared on the 15th of this month.

From the FB posts, which could be circulated either by his supporters or by troublemakers, it seems the businessman originally hails from Karnataka and was pained with the political happenings in his home state.

The news has been doing the rounds on Facebook since the last 24 hours, particularly in Indian communities in the US. The name of the businessman is only mentioned as Ramesh Kumar Rao, but no photograph or further details are available. has not been able to verify this news and does not claim it to be authentic.

It could be a hoax or prank news or the posts could be put up by troublemakers. Or was the bizman drunk or did he loose his mojo after making a wild dare? We will possibly never know.

We have tried to identify the businessman, but at the time of writing this article, were not able to find anyone by that name who matches the description in the posts. Most of the posts too have got auto-reported or manually reported by Facebook users and have been blocked or deleted. No photograph of the bizman was provided in the FB posts.

The news was trending on Thursday night (IST) in FB groups of the South Indian community living in the US. It was also widely shared on WhatsApp and other messaging platforms. However, by Friday morning the posts could not be spotted on Facebook, possibly because they got auto-reported as spam.

Meanwhile, according to a report in The Hindu, BJP president Amit Shah on Thursday congratulated newly sworn-in Karnataka Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa, while accusing the Congress of propagating “corrupt and divisive politics.”

Shah took to Twitter to remind the Congress, in a sarcastic vein, of its “glorious history.”

“President of the Congress (Rahul Gandhi) obviously does not remember the glorious history of his party. The legacy of Mr. Rahul Gandhi’s party is the horrific Emergency, blatant misuse of Article 356, subverting the courts, media and civil society,” he said in a series of tweets.

“Who has the people’s mandate in Karnataka? The BJP, which has won 104 seats, or the Congress which dropped to 78 seats, whose own chief minister and ministers lost by big margins. The JD(S) who won only 37 seats and lost their deposits in several others,” he said.

BJP has pumped in over 15 lakh fake Voter ID cards into Karnataka: Cong

Congress leaders from Karnataka have accused the BJP of printing and circulating over 15 lakh ‘fake’ voter ID cards into the State with a view to manipulate the voting process.

The fake ID cards are printed in Maharashtra and have been brought into Karnataka over the last 2-3 weeks, to ensure ‘fake’ voting for BJP candidates, Congress leaders alleged. This allegation comes even as authorities seized nearly 10,000 fake voter ID cards from a flat in Rajarajeshwari Nagar Assembly constituency in Karnataka on Monday.

Congress leaders from Karnataka who spoke to claimed that along with fake VOTER ID CARDS, Kannada and Konkani speaking people who are now domiciled in Maharashtra and Goa and having voting  rights and cards of constituencies in different pockets of Maharashtra and Goa, are being brought into Karnataka on the sly over the last one month. They are being paid Rs 3000 to Rs 5000 to come to Karnataka, stay in the State for 10-15 days and cast their vote for the BJP. Fake election voter ID cards are being provided to them, a senior Congress leader alleged.

Meanwhile, a massive controversy rocked Karnataka after nearly 10,000 “fake” voter ID cards were seized from a flat in Rajrajeshwari Assembly seat, prompting the BJP to demand countermanding of the election claiming Congress was behind the racket, a charge dismissed by the latter as a “lie”. With just three days left before Karnataka goes to poll, the BJP and Congress, the two main contenders for power, went after each other’s jugular, each claiming the flat belonged to a woman associated with the rival party. Addressing a press conference, Union minister Prakash Javadekar claimed Congress candidate and sitting MLA Munirathna Naidu was behind the alleged racket, which was exposed by BJP worker Rakesh.

Congress spokesman Rajdeep Singh Surjawala hit right back, alleging that the flat owner Manjula Nanjamari and Rakesh had BJP connections and both contested Bengaluru Municipal Corporation elections on the tickets of the saffron party.

Karnataka’s Chief Electoral Officer Sanjiv Kumar had called a press conference last midnight where he said besides the cards, form 6A (application for inclusion of name in electoral roll by an overseas elector) with counterfoils were found. He said that the colour in the counterfoil appeared unusual, and that an inquiry was on. Javadekar said thousands of fake cards with hologram, lamination machines, and computers were seized by police after BJP workers informed it about the racket, and demanded a thorough forensic inquiry.

Fraudster Nirav Modi’s Friends Contribute Nearly Rs 100 Cr for BJP Karnataka Poll Campaign

The BJP has received nearly Rs 100 crore in funds for the Karnataka poll campaign from Nirav Modi’s friends, (Read Here) who are still in regular touch with the BJP top brass in Delhi.

Several top BJP leaders are in  constant and regular touch with Nirav Modi’s diamond industry friends both in India and abroad, who started a ‘donation drive’ for the BJP party to support its Karnataka campaign and have collected over Rs 100 crore in the last 3 months. (Read Here).  Most these funds are being used to fund the BJP’s online and social media campaigns targeted at the  Karnataka polls.

The payments are being made to Facebook and Twitter from bank accounts abroad and the money does not even come to India. The Election Commission of India has no access to these financial details, most of them are funded from secret tax havens. Sources privy to these secret deals claim that nearly Rs 100 crore has been pumped into the system from abroad, or directly paid to entities abroad to run online and social media campaigns in favor of the BJP and support its Karnataka campaign efforts.

Do you know why scammer Nirav Modi and some of his other scamster friends will never be arrested or cases against him never pursued aggressively by the Narendra Modi-led BJP government at the Center? The answer is very simple!

Nirav Modi was and still is one of the BJP party’s main fund raisers. He directly and indirectly contributed Rs 250 crore to the BJP coffers over the last 4 years, since January 2014 and helped fund the BJP poll campaign blitz in 2014 that saw the party come to a landslide victory. Unofficial sources claim that Nirav Modi and his cronies contributed over Rs 300 crore in all to the BJP and still continue to fund the BJP’s poll campaigns across the country.

According to one senior politician, “The BJP’s National IT cell which boasts of over 2000 full-time IT professionals is funded by Nirav Modi’s gang of scamsters who have defrauded several banks and collectively siphoned off over Rs 30,000 crore over the last 3-4 years.”

It may be recalled that the Shiv Sena party has attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the Rs 11,300-crore Punjab National Bank (PNB) scam. The Sena in an editorial in party mouthpiece Saamana had alleged that Nirav Modi, who is at the centre of the scandal, had been a ‘partner’ of the BJP and helped it collect funds for elections.

Senior Sena leaders who spoke to in Mumbai claimed that Nirav Modi directly and indirectly contributed Rs 250 crore to the BJP coffers over the last 4 years, since January 2014 and helped fund the BJP poll campaign blitz in 2014 that saw the party come to a landslide victory. Sena leaders were openly critical of the Prime Minister and his handling of the economy, stating that the big con men have got away easily, but the poor are burdened with taxes and levies.

Sena leaders took pains to point out that Nirav Modi along with about 5-6 other businessmen were instrumental in bankrolling the BJP party since 2014, since the party projected Narendra Modi as the PM candidate and launched a multi-crore media campaign. Modi was the one who struck the deal with these 5-6 businessmen and top industrialists including Adani, Ambani and others to fund the BJP campaign, promising them massive sops if he became the PM, claimed Sena leaders in Mumbai.

BJP hires more than 5000 IT professionals pan-India for final Karnataka Election online salvo

The BJP party and its National IT cell has hired over 5000 IT and social media professionals on a pan-India basis for a massive final online salvo against its opponents, particularly the Congress in a run-up to the Karnataka elections.

It must be mentioned here that this additional workforce of over 5000 skilled professionals is in addition to the already existing huge IT team that the BJP party employs and even pays for. For its online and social media campaign for the Karnataka elections, has learnt that the BJP has employed well over 25,000 dedicated IT workers all over India, who are working day and night to promote the BJP ideology, PM Narendra Modi’s initiatives and  and counter the Congress digital offensive.

According to reliable sources in the BJP IT cell, the additional army of  about 5000 workers has started working since the 1st week of May and will continue till 12th May for a period of 10 to 12 days. Most of them (who are not from the State) are working from their own homes, using their own hardware and infrastructure, while about 10 per cent of this workforce is stationed at Election Offices of the various BJP candidates across the State.

Initially, during the last week of April, an over-confident BJP IT team was taken aback with the Congress IT cell’s online blitzkrieg, led by former actress and Congress MP and now Congress IT cell head Divya Spandana aka Ramya. Spandana’s team unleashed a massive volley of digital posts that outsmarted the BJP online.

Stunned by the onslaught, the BJP top brass led by Amit Shah and Narendra Modi decided on the acquisition of an additional, emergency IT work force to supplement and complement the efforts of the existing BJP IT cell.  The new army does not report to the main boss Amit Malviya, but instead follows his footsteps from a discrete distance. In fact, till about a few days ago, Malviya himself was not aware of the existence of a new digital army. Modi and Shah wanted the new army to work completely independent of Malviya’s team and do their own work, silently and secretly.

The techies are being paid Rs 1500 to Rs 3500 per day, depending on their capability and hours of work. Super professionals or online campaign managers who are tasked with the job of motivating and co-ordinating with others in their teams are being paid Rs 5000 per day. Each individual is expected to work a minimum of 8 to 10 hours per day from home using his or her own laptop (or computer) and internet connection. There are at least 200 new Photoshop experts who are tasked with the job of creating digital memes and digital posters or designs praising the work of the BJP government in states where it is in power.

This army of digital professionals creates new, fake Facebook IDs, Pages, Groups and Twitter handles and share the posts and tweets emanating from official BJP sources and IT cell members. Each member has also been tasked with the job of creating a fake Facebook and Twitter ID and roping in friends (and friends of friends)  from his/her own friend list and then anonymously influencing them using digital tools, to vote for the BJP.

With the Karnataka Assembly elections just days away, on 12 May, the election campaigns of various political parties have gained momentum in the state and all parties are leaving no stone upturned to win the race.

The state is crucial for the Congress as Karnataka is one of the party’s last bastions. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is vying for a comeback in the state after it was defeated by the Congress in the 2013 Assembly elections in Karnataka. Faced with dwindling prospects in Uttar Pradesh, the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) is also eyeing a victory in the upcoming elections in Karnataka.

According to a post in The National Herald (NH), the battle for votes in Karnataka is being fought at many levels. On the ground it is an epic clash between Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi. In cyberspace a proxy war is waging between the two national parties led by two lesser-known warriors—Amit Malviya and Divya Spandana, the brains behind the social media attack forces of the BJP and the Congress. The sheer ferocity of the online combat is almost incredible. It is almost a non-stop carnage in the sky with unrestrained verbal allegations aimed at influencing the voters, says the NH.

But the Congress is still lagging far behind. The BJP has thousands of workers that outnumber the Congress team several times over. For every one Congress cyber warrior, the BJP has 5. The ratio of Congress to BJP cyber warriors as of today is 1:5.  Maybe, as the BJP is ruling in several States and has huge coffers and almost unlimited funds, it can afford to pay many more workers than the Congress can. But Rahul Gandhi and his core team must somehow find the funds to pay thousands of cyber professionals if he wants to win the cyber war against the BJP. Numbers count. Even if you run paid campaigns on social media, without actual or physical clicks, the campaigns won’t take off.

Unlike campaign rallies on the ground by candidates and leaders, the cyber war may be silent and invisible, but the impact is tangible and undeniable. The novelty factor of virtual world warfare makes it difficult to measure by conventional yardsticks. But the general impression is that the Congress is winning the Twitter war, whereas the BJP is still ahead in the WhatsApp platform.

On Facebook the latest indications are that the Spandana army has gained the upper hand over the Malviya brigade, claims the National Herald. What is really new about the high-tech warfare is that back in 2014 it was one-sided, with the Congress presence on social media virtually non-existent.

But this time is so different that that BJP party bosses are said to be sorely disappointed with Malviya and his team and are even thinking of a major re-staffing after the Karnataka elections to put up a better performance on the road to 2019. Is Malviya going to be kicked out after the Karnataka Elections? Watch this space for more…