Goa Govt Protecting Drug Peddlers, Manufacturers: No Further Action in 100 Kgs Ketamine Haul Case?

August 3, 2018: IndiaScoops.com has learnt that except for a show cause notice by the GIDC, no action has been taken against BJP Gen Secretary Vasudev Parab for illegally renting out his premises to a huge international cartel of drug manufacturers, from whom 100 kgs of ketamine also known as the date-rape drug was seized by the DRI in June this year.

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If it were any other citizen, either Goan or outsider, he would have been behind bars immediately under the very stringent provisions of the NDPS Act, which clearly stipulates that even landlords who rent out their premises to organised drug syndicates or cartels are liable for prosecution.

The fact that the BJP State government and the DRI ruled by BJP bigwigs in Delhi have ‘protected and shielded’ Parab from prosecution is crystal clear, says a senior Goa-based advocate and social activist.

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North Goa BJP Gen Secretary Vasudev Parab on whose premises 100 Kgs of Ketamine or date rape drug were seized by the DRI

And in this case the premises were rented out illegally – there was no written agreement, in spite of the fact that the owner was pocketing over Rs 75,000 per month as rent for the premises, which could not be sublet in the first place.

That the DRI and the BJP-led Goa Government has let off their “own man” Vasudev Parab and even given him a clean chit, clearly exhibits favoritism and an indirect ‘protection’ accorded to the drug mafia. Rajya Sabha MP and BJP Goa State President Vinay Tendulkar went out of his way to defend Parab and called a press conference to state that Parab was innocent.

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According to an IANS report, after the DRI revealed a ketamine manufacturing factory operating in North Goa, Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar on Friday told the state legislative assembly that drugs were “only being stored” in the facility .

So Mr Parrikar is storing 100 Kgs of the deadly and illegal ketamine not a crime?  Doesn’t the NDPS Act stipulates that the owners of the premises are also liable for prosecution under various provisions? 

Four days ago, Curtorim Congress MLA Aleixo Reginaldo Lourenco told the State Legislative Assembly that narcotics are being produced within the state, while no action is taken against them by the police (Read Here).

“The level of policing in Goa has stooped so low that people in the State have started growing drugs in the fields.” Lourenco alleged.

He said, “Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar was strict during his earlier tenure but now he was gone little weak,” said Lourenco. Parrikar was present in the House when he spoke.

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“Why no action is taken on the drugs. Are we not serious of this issue? Why not wage a war on drugs? Is there any connivance between politicians, police and drug mafia? Why are we not able to do it seriously? Something is wrong somewhere,” he added.

Lourenco referred to the recent raid by Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) on a factory owned by a top BJP party functionary Vasudev Parab where Ketamine was being manufactured.

While the Congress legislator named the party, Speaker Pramod Sawant expunged his words claiming that “you cannot name a person who is not present in the House to defend himself.”

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The crackdown, one of the biggest this year, ended with the arrests of 10 men, including two UK nationals and one from Vietnam, and seizure of 308 kg of Ketamine, 250 kg of raw material needed to make the drug and other drugs valued at ₹35-38 crore.

Parrikar, who was accused by Opposition members during Question Hour today for not doing enough to rein in the drug menace, also said that the state government has not been officially intimated by the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) agency about the details of the Goa raid.

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“When the matter involves multiple-states, the state agency is not the agency to investigate, it is being carried out by DRI who are the authorized agency in such matters

” ..whether it is being manufactured here we don’t know. According to my information it was only being stored here,” Parrikar said in response to a question from Congress MLA Luizinho Faleiro .

So the Goa CM in his own admission does not know if the ketamine was manufactured in Goa or only stored there. Parrikar should read the ‘Remand Applications’ of the DRI while seeking further custody of the accused.

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The ‘remand applications’ submitted by the DRI to the concerned courts, clearly state that the persons arrested in Goa were manufacturing or processing and purifying the ketamine on the rented premises in Goa.

Not just the remand applications, even press reports, if Parrikar has even bothered to read them, clearly stated that ketamine was manufactured at Vasudev Parab’s shed.

According to a Times of India report dated June 14, 2018:

Those arrested in Goa were UK nationals Jonathan Thorn and Barry Bracken; Nguyen Cuong, a qualified chemist from Vietnam; and Sarpreet Singh, who ran a unit where ketamine was allegedly being prepared. Thorn and Bracken are believed to have set up a small unit in the UK where ketamine was being prepared from slurry (one stage before pure ketamine is derived), and Thorn ran a supply racket in South Africa, an official said. 

Bracken ran a processing unit in his house in Goa, while Thorn supervised Singh’s factory, said officials. The plot on which the factory in Goa was set up belongs to BJP leader Vijay Parab.

Nearly, 100 kg of ketamine and raw material used to manufacture the drug was found at Goa BJP office bearer Vasudev Parab’s industrial unit during DRI raid, which was used by NRI Jimi Sandhu to manufacture ketamine, claims an IANS report.

To another question by Congress MlA Pratapsing Rane, about the action the state government was contemplating over the issue, Parrikar said: “I have written to DRI. It is an international racket. The state government cannot do anything… I have already told very clearly it is a central government agency’s inquiry, I cannot interfere in it…” .

So the State government cannot do anything, not even take action against the illegal lease? Stop bluffing the people of Goa, Mr Parrikar!

Pleading that the debate on banned drugs should not be generalized, the CM said that when the police asked schools in Goa for specific inputs about the drug menace, the response was not enthusiastic.

Earlier, Faleiro blamed the Home Ministry for letting drugs proliferate in the coastal state, known for tourism.

“…it is a reality we are not only manufacturing drugs for Goa, we are manufacturing drugs for the international market. It is happening under our nose, in front of police stations, in our industrial estates, in the tourist locales like Calangute and other places,” the Congress MLA said.

with inputs from IANS, Times of India