Actor Kate Sharma files complaint against Subhash Ghai, claims he grabbed and tried to kiss her

A molestation complaint has been filed against director Subhash Ghai by television actor and model Kate Sharma.

While addressing the media after filing the complaint, Kate alleged that the Bollywood film director molested her by forcefully trying to kiss and hug her.

“He called me to his house on August 6. There were about five to six people at his house and in front of everybody, he asked me to give him a massage. It was shocking for me but I respected his seniority and agreed. I massaged him for two to three minutes and then went to the washroom to wash my hand. He followed me there. He then took me to his room saying that he wanted to talk to me about something. However, he grabbed me and tried to kiss and hug me.”

When she requested to leave, the Khalnayak director tried to threaten her, she said.

“I told him that I wanted to leave. He then threatened me and said that he will not launch me if I do not stay with him for the night,” Sharma said.

Earlier this week, Ghai was accused of harassment by an anonymous woman on social media. In the post, the woman had accused the filmmaker of drugging her and raping her.

Shortly after the accusations were made, Ghai firmly denied the claims.

In a statement, the 73-year-old had said that it’s sad that it is becoming a fashion to malign anyone known “by bringing stories from the past without truth or half-truth. I deny, strictly and firmly, all false allegations like these.”

He also said, in a tweet, that his lawyers will “take care of the matter”.

I am surely a grt supporter of d metoo movement n women empowerment bt hope that those taking undue advantage of the movement do not end up diluting it 4their own short time fame.

I feel grief if some one trying 2harm my reputation.Any way my lawyers will take care of matter

Subhash Ghai (@SubhashGhai1) October 14, 2018
In the wake of the #MeToo movement, which gained momentum in India after Tanushree Dutta accused veteran actor Nata Patekar of harassing her, accusations are being levelled against many personalities in media and the entertainment industry, including Vikas Bahl, Alok Nath, Rajat Kapoor and Sajid Khan.

Source: ANI

#MeToo: Singer-Model Razia Nair Rao accuses Bigg Boss 12 contestant Sahil Patel AKA Saurabh Patel of molesting her, demanding sexual favors

Classical singer and aspiring model Razia Nair Rao has claimed that Bigg Boss 12 contestant Sahil Patel aka Saurabh Patel allegedly molested her at Bungalow No 41, located at Four Bungalows, MAHADA area of Andheri West, near Lokhandwala in the year 2016 at a party.

He was a known casting director in the area at that time and was casting for Rashmi Sharma Telefims and shows like CID, Crime Patrol etc.

There was a party at the office of Starline Productions located at Bungalow No 41 at Mahada, Four Bungalows and I went there with a friend who is also a model. It was the first week of November 2016, just after Diwali and many other models were also present.

Speaking to Razia Nair Rao said: This was when Sahil Patel molested me. He touched me on my butt and on my breasts a couple of times while pretending to dance with me. He even tried to forcibly kiss me and squeezed my breasts violently when I stopped him from kissing me. I pushed him away and the organizers of the party told me to just let the matter go as it would spoil the entire party.”

“In fact, there was a big fight on that day at Bungalow No 41, when another aspiring actress and model by the name of Pearl Raah who was also present at the party, clashed with another casting director. There were 3-4 casting directors and they were all drunk. A passing police patrol van also stopped by, but the party organizers managed to ‘handle’ the cops. Sahil Patel introduced me to someone whom he claimed was a producer and told me that I would have to sleep with him, if I wanted to get into his camp or bag his projects, Razia Nair Rao told in an exclusive interview, adding that she stomped out of the party in disgust.

When asked by as to why she kept quiet all this while for two years, Razia Nair Rao said: I do not want any publicity nor am I making these statements for any media mileage. I have kept quiet about this incident, because I presumed that he was possibly drunk on that day. However, when I saw him in Bigg Boss, Season 12 and learnt that he has lied about his name and occupation, I decided to talk to the media and expose him. The #MeToo campaign has further given me courage to speak up, Razia Nair Rao told has learnt that Sahil Patel changed his name to Saurabh Patel and was a struggling casting director for the last four years, operating out of a 4×4 cubicle in MAHADA which served as his casting agency office.

In the year 2016, he teamed up with another outfit, Starline Films and Productions run by a fashion photographer and was operating and conducting auditions at Bungalow No 41 at Four Bungalows, MAHDA along with the fashion photographer and others.

Sahil Patel had several debts and somehow managed to find some friends in the casting agencies associated with Colors and Endemol who were casting for Bigg Boss 12.

According to a sting operation conducted by, for this season, Endemol had outsourced the casting to several free-lance casting consultants and was paying them Rs 5000 for every candidate short-listed. has copies and print screen images of emails sent by Endemol officials to various casting directors from Adarsh Nagar and MAHADA near Lokhandwala as well as agents in Delhi who did the casting for the channel on a free-lance basis.

Speaking exclusively to, the fashion photographer said: Sahil met me in Goa before the show and told me that he was entering as a farmer. He told me how he managed to con the makers and pose as a commoner along with his partner who was also a struggling actor.

The duo have allegedly spent Rs 2-3 lakh on the setup and “fraud” to convince the production house to take them on, the photographer revealed to, adding that they paid someone Rs 2 lakh so that Sahil could enter the show.

Aneesha Singh Sharma alleges Anup Jalota literally forced her to have ‘oral s*x’ with him on 3-4 occasions, even while he was dating Jasleen Matharu

An aspiring singer and model  Aneesha Singh Sharma has alleged that Jalota’s girlfriend Jasleen Matharu was pregnant and even had an abortion last year (Read Full Story Here).

The incident was preceded by a big fight between the two love-birds, she told in an exclusive interview.

She also claimed that Jasleen’s family had disowned her and asked her to leave the family home (Read Here).

Aneesha has alleged Jalota threatened to kill her (Read Here) if she went to the cops about their relationship. She has submitted a written complaint through her lawyer to the cops.

In her written complaint to the police, which has been accessed by, she alleged that the Bhajan King forced her to have oral sex with her on 3-4 occasions, even while he was dating Jasleen Matharu.

Speaking to she said: “He said he was too tired to have sex, but he wanted me to go down on him. This happened several times. I even thought that he was impotent and could not have an erection,” Aneesha told

The police are investigating the matter and have sent letters to Jalota’s residence and even to the Bigg Boss house, asking the Bhajan maestro to join the investigation and appear before the investigating officer in person to record his statement (Read Here).

The aspiring singer and model has had a controversial past. She was in the news months ago, when her intimate images were leaked by a fake casting director who allegedly claimed to be a film director and producer (Read Here).

She was also the talk of the town on social media when her n*de images went viral on Facebook (See pics here).

She has also claimed that the Bhajan guru and his student had discussed about revealing the status of their relationship on the first day of the show.

According to her interview with, Jasleen was not in favor of spilling the beans on the first day. She wanted to show the world that the two found love on the show, after being locked up in the Bigg Boss house for weeks together. But the makers of the show had other plans. Read the full story here.

As per a Hindustan Times report, Jasleen’s father, Kesar Matharu was all furious while talking about their relationship. He had stated, “My relatives are saying you should not let your daughter enter the house. Someone was saying- had she been my daughter, I would have killed her. I don’t believe in such drastic steps. We don’t have any right to take our kids’ life, but if she has made a mistake, she will have to face the repercussions”.

In yet another interview with Aaj Tak, he had shared, “I had no clue about this. I was told they were entering as guru-shishya jodi. She never told me about this. When they made the announcement, my entire family couldn’t believe their eyes. We all got very angry. Within ten minutes, I started getting calls from friends. My wife, while watching the show, got up and went inside. It was very unexpected”.

Bigg Boss 12: Jasleen was pregnant, had an abortion last year, claims Aneesha Singh Sharma

In a very shocking revelation, controversial model and singer who claims she was in an alleged affair with Bhajan King and Bigg Boss 12 participant Anup Jalota has claimed that his partner and girl friend Jasleen Matharu was allegedly pregnant last year and even had an abortion.

In an exclusive interview to, Aneesha revealed that she was witness to a big fight between the two lovers sometime last year, where the issue of Jasleen’s alleged pregnancy was being discussed.

“They were yelling at each other. I have never seen them so mad at each other before. Jasleen claimed the pregnancy was due to Jalota’s carelessness, which was hotly refuted by the Bhajan King. I do not know what happened thereafter. He (Jalota) told me to leave as he was in a very bad mood and would meet me after 2-3 days. I later on learnt that she had an abortion,” Aneesha revealed to

Speaking to, Aneesha said, “Days later, Jalota told me he felt that Jasleen was cheating on him and that she had a secret boyfriend in the UK, a charge which Jasleen always denied. I was his punching bag. He used to share all his insecurities regarding his relationship with Jasleen and kept asking me what to do.” Jalota was always insecure and worried about her fidelity and loyalty to him, Aneesha told, on phone from the USA.

Meanwhile, Aneesha has alleged Jalota threatened to kill her if she went to the cops about their relationship. She has submitted a written complaint through her lawyer to the cops. The police are investigating the matter and have sent letters to Jalota’s residence and even to the Bigg Boss house, asking the Bhajan maestro to join the investigation and appear before the investigating officer in person to record his statement (Read Here).

The aspiring singer and model has had a controversial past. She was in the news months ago, when her intimate images were leaked by a fake casting director who allegedly claimed to be a film director and producer (Read Here). She was the talk of the town on social media when her n*de images went viral on Facebook (See pics here).

She has also claimed that the Bhajan guru and his student had discussed about revealing the status of their relationship on the first day of the show. According to her interview with, Jasleen was not in favor of spilling the beans on the first day. She wanted to show the world that the two found love on the show, after being locked up in the Bigg Boss house for weeks together. But the makers of the show had other plans. Read the full story here.

Net Toon Sensation Savita Bhabhi To Live Again As Mrs Savita Sharma aka Tandoori Bhabhi

Thanks to the Indian government’s double standards and hypocrisy, the porn-toon Savita Bhabhi died a premature death.

But for all Savita Bhabhi fans, there is some good news. The internet sensation is set to live again – this time in a web series.

An entertainment gossip site released images and sketches of the new look (see here) of  Savita Bhabhi which will soon be made into a web series and is expected to go live by the end of September.

So what’s the fuss all about? Thanks to Savita Bhabhi’s ever-increasing popularity as an online cartoon and its implications vis-a-vis pornography, the sensational website where the buxom Bhabhi showed off her wild side got banned,  many moons ago.

Ram Gopal Varma tried to recreate the sensational character on film, but we do not know what happened to it.

Now seems that producer / director Maneesh Singh of Vrindaavan Films is enchanted by the craze of Savita Bhabhi’s physical magnetism and her mass popularity.

Singh we hear, is interested in making a hot-sex-comedy web series based on the controversial character.

If sources are to be believed, the makers of the original show based on a spoof on Shilpa Shinde’s character Angoori Bhabhi, Spectra Multimedia have teamed up with director Maneesh Singh and Vrindaavan Films to revive the project, claims a media report, but with a few changes.

While the ‘tandoori bhabhi’ tag remains, the show will no longer be a spoof on Shilpa Shinde’s ‘Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai‘.

It will be a different show completely with new inputs and creatives, director Maneesh Singh told this news portal.

Actor Neha Shah will now play the red hot Tandoori Bhabhi, it is learnt.

The characters have also changed.

Now the lead role of ‘tandoori bhabhi’ aka Mrs Savita Bhabhi aka Mrs Savita Sharma will be played by Neha Shah, Singh told us.

Neha Shah’s character is called Tandoori Bhabhi – a slang she has earned in the vicinity of her residence due to her penchant for wearing figure-hugging, transparent saris.

Earlier, producer Amrit Kumar Shah had said the web series was a spoof on the by-now immensely popular Bhabhiji show thanks to Bigg Boss winner Shilpa Shinde.

The main lead plays the role of a sexy Bhabhi with a twist – this Bhabhi always wears a multicolored bikini under her sari and more often than not ends up accidentally revealing parts of her bikini.

While all this remains in the re-designed series, there will be a sprinkling of some ‘inspirational scenes’ from the internationally famous comic character Savita Bhabhi as well.

This will make the show hotter, director Maneesh Singh revealed, adding that this time the character draws more inspiration from Gulfam Kali, rather than Angoori Bhabhi.

All the male residents of Golla Nagar, the men, women and children included – the nukkad where Tandoori Bhabhi lives are big fans of Tandoori Bhabhi and never miss an opportunity to meet up with the sexy Bhabhi.

The lecherous part of the series doesn’t end here. Much like Vibhuti Narayan Mishra aka Nalla from the TV show played by Aashif Sheikh), all the male residents of this fictitious society are always hungry to have a rendezvous with the Bhabhi and do crazy things to catch up with Bhabhi.

What is Savita Bhabhi?

First created by UK-based businessman Puneet Agarwal (also known as Deshmukh) in March 2008, Savita Bhabhi gained popularity as India’s favourite porn cartoon character.

The comic strip which was available online had an an attractive housewife as the lead character. She was promiscuous because she was ignored by her husband and indulged in sexual escapdes with any man she could lay her hands on, including the milkman and the postman, characters very common in rural and semi-urban India.

Her character engaged in sexual adventures with different people which were showcased in a comic strip on a website. But later, the site was banned and since then Savita Bhabhi has been converted into a subscription-based comic strip owned by another online portal.

Cost-cutting results in Bigg Boss 12 theme change: No celebrity couples on Salman Khan’s show due to budgetary restraints?

Indian television’s most loved and controversial reality show Bigg Boss usually goes on air by October but this time it’s been preponed by a month. Salman Khan’s show will reportedly begin on September 16 and the makers have been trying their best to rope in the spiciest lot for the twelfth season, says a DNA report.

This time, it was reported, that the producers were keen on roping in celebrity couples. Salman Khan’s promo also showed how the audience will get to witness ‘vichitra jodis’ in the show.

However, some extreme changes had to me made to the format as the makers apparently could not find suitable celebrity jodis for the show, an India Forums report stated.

A source confirmed the report to saying, “There will be no celeb jodis. 6 single celebs will enter the house. 5 commoner jodis will enter the show with 5 single commoners.

Later on, the singles will be paired inside the house with the celebs and that is how the concept of ‘vichitra jodis’ will work.”

Another twist that’s likely to be introduced is that not all the contestants will be entering the main house on the first day. Some of them, including both celebrities and commoners, will be kept in a separate house. It’s not yet known whether the contestants inside the main house would be informed about the secret-house inmates or not.

According to Bollywood publicist Flynn Remedios who has handled PR for several former Bigg Boss contestants including Arshi Khan, Shradha Sharma, Claudia Ciesla, besides several others and has one ear inside the Endemol and Colors‘ offices, the real reason to drop the celeb jodis was budgetary restrains and cost-cutting measures undertaken by the makers due to a shortfall in sponsorship due to harsh market conditions.

The market is very bad. The makers have not been able to reach their targets in terms of sponsorship. The celeb jodis were demanding too much moolah and since Salman Khan’s fees cannot be cut, the makers decided to do away with celeb jodis and only bring in easily available individual celebs, Remedios said.

He also rubbished media reports that adult star Danny D and Mahika Sharma were being paid Rs 95 lakh per week.

There are hardly any sponsors. There is no money in the market. You must be bonkers if you think some Danny D or Fanny Bee will be paid Rs 95 lakh per week, particularly when they do not have any fan following or dedicated viewers in India, Remedios quipped.

One more interesting change that the audience will get to witness is that Salman, who used to earlier interact with the contestants through ‘Me TV‘ on Weekend Ka Vaar special episode, will now grill the housemates from a class-room.

The host will be made to sit in a class-room and the screen through which he will communicate will look like a blackboard, DNA reports.

We also hear that the show may get postponed due to some technical glitches and the final premiere date wil be declared soon. As of now, Sristy Rode and Shaleen Bhanot are said to have been confirmed for the controversial show, DNA reports.

with inputs from DNA

Film “Saffron Terror” based on the murder of journalist Gauri Lankesh, directed by Trilok Mukhi goes on floor

A film titled “Saffron Terror” that claims to reveal all the inside secrets and alleged terror activities of Goa-based, far-right Hindutva organisation Sanatan Sanstha, its offshoot the Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) and other right-wing outfits, directed by Trilok Mukhi has gone on floor.

Kalyanji Jana plays the protagonist of the film Saffron Terror

According to actor Kalyanji Jana who has been selected by producer-director Trilok Mukhi to play the role of the protagonist in the film the producer has done extensive research on the Sanatan Sanstha for the last 7 years.

A press note released by the publicist of the film says the film will be ready for release by Jan-Feb of next year if everything goes well. has learnt that part of the film has already been shot abroad, but the director was not ready to share any further details, citing security reasons. He also refused to reveal the name of the rest of the star cast of the film.

Also Read: “Saffron Terror” To Expose Inside Secrets, Terror Activities and Murder Plots of radical Hindutva Outfits Sanatan Sanstha and HJS

The project was kept under wraps for the last six months as the makers felt that release of information regarding the project would result in its demise even before it could be born.

The film is produced by Trilok Mukhi Films and directed by producer-director Trilok Mukhi.

Also Read: Sanatan Sanstha’s bank account was used to channel funds for Gauri Lankesh murder, pay off killers

Mukhi, an intellectual and a writer is a recluse and currently resides in London and is a UK citizen of Indian origin.

He lived in Ponda in Goa – where the Sanatan Sanstha is headquartered for four years, before moving to the UK and started directing films.

He is also working on another historical film Pratapgad, which is moving at a snail’s pace.

Also Read: 35-40 bombs could be manufactured with explosives seized from Sanatan Sanstha member Vaibhav Raut residence and office

The film “Saffron Terror” will be an eye-opener for both – civil society and the government.

Fearing a government ban or wide-spread protests in India, Mukhi plans to first release the film abroad in the US and UK markets and only after that if the atmosphere is conducive, in India.

“The film is based on true facts and real stories. It is not a work of fiction, Mukhi said, adding that truth hurts and many people including a lot of politicians will not want this film to be screened in India, as thousands of skeletons will tumble out of the closets of the Sanstha and the HJS.”

Also Read: Hindutva hardliners Raut, Gondhalekar and Kalaskar planned to blow up 6 theaters, Ganapati mandaps in Maharashtra

The film begins even before the inception of the Sanatan Sanstha and covers several incidents or alleged terror activities, reportedly associated with the Sanatan:

The Sanstha has washed its hands off all the above allegations and claimed that if a member committed a crime, you cannot blame the entire organisation.

Drawing an analogy, a Sanatan Sanstha spokesperson said, “if a Christian priest in Kerala commits the offence of rape, you cannot blame the Pope. You cannot say the Catholic Church or the Pope encourages or teaches people to rape.”

Also Read: Sanatan Sanstha wants to set up a Saffron Army of 2000 trained killers and shooters for terrorist activity

The director of the film claims he has researched the Sanatan Sanstha for the last 7-10 years, since the time he lived in Ponda. Some Sanatan ‘seekers’ or ‘sadaks’ were my good friends. You can call me an “outstanding member” of the Sanatan Sanstha – a person who was  an unofficial member, who never entered the precincts of the organisation.

According to actor Kalyanji Jana, who is the narrator and main protagonist in the film and plays the role of a ‘seeker’ or ‘sadak’ and a senior member of both the organisations – Sanatan Sanstha and HJS, the film will reveal the dirty politics and terror plots of the organisations which claim to be working for the benefit of Hindus.

Also Read: 150 pistols, 100 bombs, 3000 bullets were on the shopping list of arrested hardliners

Jana explains that the film is very well-researched and will reveal the true or inside story and hidden agenda behind the murders of  Dabholkar, Pansare, Kalburgi and Lankesh and the other related terror activities of the Sanatan Sanstha and its associated outfits like the Sri Ram Sene and the HJS.

He alleges that certain elements in the Shri Shiv Pratishthan Hindustan whose chief is Sambhaji Bhide are also associated with terror activities.

Also Read: Ponda-based Sanatan Sanstha was the main Agency to carry out Killings, Gauri Lankesh was Second on a ‘Hitlist’ of 36 targets

A spokesperson for Trilok Mukhi Films said the film is under production and is likely to be ready for release in January-February of next year if all goes well.

The Sanatan Sanstha has time and again denied all the allegations made against it, claiming that it has no control over what individual members do in their personal capacity.

Priyanka Chopra signed on for ‘Cowboys Ninja Vikings’ opposite Hollywood star Chris Pratt

Actress Priyanka Chopra’s Hollywood kitty is on an expansion spree. She will play the love interest of Chris Pratt in Cowboy Ninja Viking, reports IANS.

The role in Universal’s big-budget tentpole was one of the most highly coveted, and Priyanka beat out a slew of talent after a chemistry test with Pratt went extremely well, reports

Priyanka, who shot to fame in American showbiz with Quantico, is coming off the series’ final season.

She most recently appeared in A Kid Like Jake, opposite Jim Parsons and Claire Danes, and the Dwayne Johnson-starrer Baywatch.

She can next be seen in the comedy Isn’t It Romantic with Rebel Wilson.

Cowboy Ninja Viking, which is in pre-production, is being directed by Game of Thrones fame Michelle MacLaren from a screenplay by Dan Mazeau, Ryan Engle, Craig Mazin, Paul Wernick and David Reese.

The story revolves around a counter-intelligence unit formed by psychotherapist Sebastian Ghislain, who transforms agents known as Triplets, a reference to multiple personalities. It is slated for a June 18 release.

Source: IANS

Former Bollywood actress Sonali Bendre diagnosed with high-grade, advanced metastatic cancer

In a shocking turn of events, Bollywood actress Sonali Bendre has revealed that she has been diagnosed with high-grade cancer that has metastasised, reports the Times of India.

The actress on Wednesday, took to Instagram account and shared the tragic news with fans. However, despite the alarming diagnosis, the actress has shown immense courage in expressing herself boldly and also thanked her family and friends for rallying around her and being her support system in the trying times, reports TOI. Bendre also described the diagnosis as ‘unexpected’ and said she ‘didn’t see it coming.’

Sonali also revealed that she is currently undergoing a course of treatment in New York for the same.

She signed off by writing, ‘I am taking this battle head on, knowing I have the strength of my family and friends behind me’.

According to Hindustan Times, after her statement, many of Sonali’s Bollywood colleagues wished her speedy recovery. Akshay Kumar, who worked with Sonali in Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobara, told HT that after hearing of her ill health, he met her in New York. He told us: “I know that Sonali is a fighter. May God help bring her back in the best of health!”

In a statement on Twitter, Sonali wrote, “Sometimes, when you least expect it, life throws you a curveball. I have recently been diagnosed with a high grade cancer that has metastised, which we frankly did not see coming. A niggling pain led to some tests, which led to this unexpected diagnosis. My family and close friends have rallied around me, providing the best support system that anyone can ask for. I am very blessed and thankful for each of them.” More details are yet to emerge but it’s believed that her husband, film-maker Goldie Behl, and other family members are constantly by her side.

“There is no better way to tackle this, than to take swift and immediate action. And so, as advised by my doctors, I am currently undergoing a course of treatment in New York. We remain optimistic and I am determined to fight every step of the way. What has helped has been the immense outpouring of love and support I’ve received over the past few days, for which I am very grateful. I’m taking this battle head on, knowing I have the strength of my family and friends behind me,” she added.

Sonali Bendre’s colleagues such as Karan Johar and Riteish Deshmukh wished her well on Twitter, reports NDTV.

Sonali Bendre is married to producer Goldie Behl. They have a 13-year-old son named Ranveer.

Sonali Bendre has featured in films like Sarfarosh with Aamir Khan, Major Saab with Amitabh Bachchan and Ajay Devgn, Duplicate and Kal Ho Naa Ho with Shah Rukh Khan and Hum Saath-Saath Hai with Salman Khan.

Apart from Hindi films, Sonali Bendre has featured in several regional films such as Kadhalar Dhinam and Kannodu Kanbathellam in Tamil, Shankar Dada MBBS in Telugu and Anahat in Marathi.

Sonali Bendre was last seen in a cameo role in Akshay Kumar’s Once Upon A Time in Mumbai Dobaara! (2013) while her last full-fledged role was opposite Chiranjeevi in Shankar Dada MBBS.

Source: Times of India, Hindustan Times & NDTV

Cricketer Vinod Kambli’s wife Andrea Hewitt alleges singer Ankit Tiwari’s father Rajendra Tiwari sexually harassed her at In Orbit Mall, Mumbai

MUMBAI: Former batsman, media personality and Tv Reality show participant Vinod Kambli’s wife has been accused of assaulting a man at a popular mall in Mumbai on Sunday. The man, who happens to be the father of playback singer Ankit Tiwari, has filed a complaint against Kambli and his wife. Fifty-nine-year-old Raj Kumar Tiwari alleged that Kambli’s wife Andrea Hewitt assaulted him in the mall where he and his family were spending their Sunday.

CCTV footage from the children’s gaming area at Inorbit Mall in north Mumbai’s Malad area shows a man in white t-shirt walking past a woman, who is purportedly Kambli’s wife. The man’s hands can be seen brushing against her. The woman is then seen hitting the man on his head and confronting him. Ankit Tiwari’s father was accompanied by a young girl who is reportedly his grand-daughter.

The singer’s father has alleged that Hewitt took her sandals off to beat him. The man says his younger son was injured after he was assaulted by Vinod Kambli’s bodyguards, according to a Mid-Day report.

Vinod Kambli’s wife Andrea Hewitt (R) and singer Ankit Tiwari’s father Rajendra Tiwari (L)

The former cricketer and his wife, however,alleged that it was the singer’s father who deliberately brushed his hand against her. “Some miscreants tried to touch my wife inappropriately, When questioned, brought his sons n tried to come to blows. Sadly, women safety on question once again,” Mr Kambli tweeted yesterday, tagging Mumbai Police. “I’ve also made a complaint before them. Where is it,” Mr Kambli said this morning, replying to a tweet.

The police are now investigating the matter and will take further action after their preliminary investigation. No arrest has been made so far. CCTV footage has been obtained from the Mall and statements of all the parties were being recorded till Monday afternoon.

Meanwhile according to a Zee News online report, singer Ankit Tiwari’s father Rajendra Tiwari has sought a public apology from India cricketer Vinod Kambli and his wife Andrea Hewitt for hitting him at the Inorbit Mall in Mumbai. Andrea had accused Rajendra of repeatedly touching her with ‘malicious intent’ and had hit him in retaliation. CCTV footage accessed by Zee News shows Andrea hitting a man who was later identified as 59-year-old Rajendra Tiwari with her bag.

The Tiwaris have registered a police complaint against the former cricketer and his wife. Narrating the incident, Rajendra said: “Yesterday, a woman accused me of touching her and she hit me. I told my sons about the incident. The woman and her husband Vinod Kambli started to fight with us. They should apologise to us publicly, we will pursue the case further.

However, defending herself, Andrea said she acted only after Rajendra acted inappropriately. “A man brushed himself against me and passed an inappropriate comment at me. What I did afterwards was right. Soon after his sons came and started arguing with me, later we filed an FIR,” Andrea said.

After Andrea hit him, Kambli also stepped in and a heated argument broke out between him on one side and Rajendra, Ankit and his brother Ankur on the other side.

Kambli later told Mumbai Mirror that the three men tried to attack his wife and intimidate them. “We were at the Game Zone in the mall around 3 pm when my wife caught hold of an old man’s hand. He had deliberately brushed his hand against her and when she caught him in the act, he pushed her away,” he said.

“Minutes later when we were at the food court, two men, who we assume were the man’s sons, tried to attack my wife. When I told them to back off, they told me, ‘You don’t know who we are’,” he added.

Source: Zee News, Agencies