Uncensored, unedited Avantika Gaokar’s Bikini, Nude and Semi-Nude Leaked Pics


Model and actress Avantika Gaokar found herself in an uneasy and embarrassing situation on Sunday when a website leaked her bikini photos. Her manager said that the images were leaked by a rogue director Rameshnath Venkat Rao from Sri Lanka who has been blackmailing Gaokar for the last one month.

All the leaked bikini images of Avantika Gaokar can be viewed here. Avantika’s management confirmed that about 15 raw bikini images have been leaked which were meant to be confidential and private. More images  (See Pics) of Avantika Gaokar in a hotel wearing a red bikini were also leaked today.

According to sources, Avantika had shot the sample or reference images a month ago on the request of a Hollywood film director for an international web series.  Click here for Avantika Gaokar nude mms clip news.  The earlier nude images can be seen here.

Avantika was not available for comment, but her publicist said they have already filed two police complaints against Rameshnath Venkat Rao who has fled to Sri Lanka and is leaking images from the neighbouring country.

The police have confirmed the location of the leak. The IP address shows that Venkat Rao is hiding on the outskirts of Colombo and leaking all the photos and video clips from there, her publicist informed, adding that there are two arrest warrants pending against Rao and the police have moved the concerned courts to cancel his passport.

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