Well-known TV actor threatens to kill ex-gf, damages her car, after model reports him to cops


Tamil actress and Singer Razia Nair Rao today told IndiaScoops.com that her Tv actor ex-boyfriend vandalized her car, breaking both the front and back windshields and created a huge ruckus on Sunday night (Monday morning) in the building society premises where she resides.

Drama unfurled on Monday early morning as her neighbours in a posh building society at Goregaon, woke up at 3.30 am to the abusive and threatening shouts and screams of the totally drunk actor. The residents managed to drive him away, but not before he had smashed the actor’s car with the watchman’s baton.

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He also pushed and assaulted the building watchmen who initially tried to stop him from entering the society premises However, the scared watchman ran for his life, when the inebriated actor picked up a stone and threatened to break the watchman’s head with it.

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The model has approached the Goregaon police on Saturday and filed a written complaint against her ex, after her private bikini, bedroom and nude pictures got leaked on social media last week. She said she would be filing a fresh complaint on Monday evening about the damage caused to her car.

 The private images which were leaked about a week ago, have by now gone viral on social media, the model has claimed in her written police complaint, a copy of which is with IndiaScoops.com.

Speaking to IndiaScoops.com,  Razia Nair Rao accused her ex-boyfriend who is a well-known TV actor of leaking her nude pix on social media. The leaked pix can be viewed here.

A written police complaint has also been submitted against her former boyfriend, but the police are yet to register an FIR. The actor has meanwhile accused the actress of not returning a ‘loan’ of Rs 45,000/- which she had taken from him.

The model filed the complaint at the Goregaon police station on Saturday after she came to know about the images being leaked on social media through a friend. The police summoned the actor, who on knowing about the complaint decided to teach his ex a lesson.

The model has also accused the boyfriend of stalking her online and sending her female friends vulgar messages. The police are investigating the case.

“He has been stalking me on social media since I ended the relationship a two months ago. We had been in a relationship for almost one year, during which he took my nude photos. I learnt that the images were uploaded through his account,” a media report quoted the 22-year-old actress as saying in the complaint.

Razia confirmed the news, adding that she has already taken legal action. “Yes, it’s true. My nude pictures have been leaked by my ex-bf,” she told IndiaScoops.com.

Razia Nair-Rao is currently shooting for a Tamil film in Hyderabad, following which she will start working for a Bollywood comedy film titled No Return, where she plays the main lead.

She has also been signed on for a popular reality show, but is not ready to talk about it right now. I will speak about it when the time is right, she told IndiaScoops.com.

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