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Bigg Boss 10 contestant Swami Om, who is known as controversy’s infamous child, and a cheap publicity seeker was thrashed by angry mob on 22 August in the premises of Supreme Court. The namesake recluse was reportedly speaking against the Triple Talaq verdict when an infuriated crowd caught hold of him and his friend and, thrashed them openly. The incident took place when apex court gave a historical judgement in the Muslim practice of Triple Talaq terming it as “illegal, sinful and retrograde”. According to media reports, Swami Om was present at the court to stop Deepak Mishra from becoming the next Chief Justice of India,

The former Bigg Boss contestant reportedly said that the apex’s court verdict on Triple Talaq will result in jeopardy of men’s freedom and, women will get more independence as compared to men.

Antics in the Bigg Boss 10 House

The former Bigg Boss contestant Swami Om was kicked out of the house by host Salman Khan for his obnoxious activities like throwing his pee on co-contestants and using abusive language against women in the Bigg Boss 10 house

Fined Rs 10 Lakh by SC

Swami Om who made headlines during his stay in the Bigg Boss house was fined Rs 10 lakh by the SC for filing a petition which the Chief Justice of India said smacked of a popularity stunt. According to a report by The Indian Express, there was laughter in the court when Swami Om Baba replied to the bench questions. His plea was heard by CJI J S Khehar and Justice D Y Chandrachud hours after they had dealt with a serious issue like Right to Privacy.

Swami Om who claimed to have 50 crore followers globally had filed a petition about the selection of the CJI. When the judges asked him why he didn’t raise the question earlier, Swami Om replied that he had been petitioning the President and Vice-President for over a year. “I have been agitating the matter since your appointment,” Om Baba told the CJI in Hindi, causing an eruption of laughter. CJI Khehar who was left amused by this statement was quoted as saying by The Indian Express, “We feel this is a popularity stunt.”

Swami Om, however, was in no mood to give up. He retaliated by saying, “By the grace of God, I don’t need popularity. I have 50 crore followers all over the world.” Least did he know that this remark will come back to haunt him. Explaining his point, Om Baba said that under Article 124(2) of the Constitution, the President of India was not required to consult the sitting CJI for the appointment of the next one.

CJI Khehar was in no mood to spare Swami Om and replied by saying that you cannot take the Supreme Court lightly. The court dismissed the plea and imposed a cost of Rs 10 lakh each on Baba and the co-petitioner Mukesh Jain. Baba said: “I don’t have even Rs 10, let alone Rs 10 lakh.” The CJI replied: “You have 50 crore followers. You can get Re 1 from each.”

Other Antics

On a chat show, when questioned about his behaviour, he broke a drinking glass and started howling. On another occasion, he got beaten up by audiences after he said derogatory things about women. Here are some of his publicity stunts.

1. Swami Om was beaten up by women at Delhi’s Jantar Mantar in July last year. He wanted to participate in the candle-light march held condemning the Amarnath terror attack on pilgrims. The video of him being beaten went viral.

2. The self-proclaimed godman got anticipatory bail in a molestation case in May. He was accused of molesting and threatening a woman with his associate. The woman, in her complaint, also accused him of tearing her clothes on February 7.

3. Someone unaware about Swami Om’s personality traits invited him as a chief guest at an event celebrating Nathu Ram Godse’s birth anniversary in Delhi. However, things took a turn for the worse and Swami Om was beaten up by the organisers that his wig came off and he had to walk out of the premises in a huff. This video too went viral.

4. Swami Om claimed that he is the one who has saved humanity and the earthquake which shook north India in February was just a warning to all his haters. He said that God is angry with people for disrespecting him on the reality TV show Bigg Boss 10.

5. After his exit from Bigg Boss, Swami Om was asked to be part of a talk show on two news channels and he created a mess on both the programmes. On January 12 in a show on News Nation, he got into a fight with a panel member, and he threw water on News World India’s anchor Naresh Soni.

6. Self-styled godman Swami Om was arrested in a case filed by his brother who had accused the former Bigg Boss contestant of stealing bicycles along with some documents from his shop nine years ago, police said.  Vinodanand Jha, also known as Swami Om, was declared a proclaimed offender by the Saket Court in Delhi in 2016 in the case, the police said.

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